Success Story - Comarch’s Remarkable Partnership With JetBlue Airways

We strive to create solutions that will not only meet the expectations of the best globally renowned brands, but will also elevate the meaning of loyalty, – introduce a brand new quality and in the end give outstanding results. In this context, we could not be more proud of the fact that among the vast group of our amazing clients we can distinguish  JetBlue Airways – a renowned low cost air-carrier and the 5th largest airline in the United States, that operates flights to 97 destinations in the US, Mexico, The Caribbean as well as Central and South America.


Our Cooperation

JetBlue turned to Comarch to update their Frequent Flyer Program according to the specific criteria and converted it into a modern and more effective offer that would attract the customers in an innovative way. After an in-depth analysis we implemented a customised version of our Loyalty Management Solution dedicated for the airline business with a full spectrum of our powerful modules: Business Administration, Contact Centre, Smart Analytics and Member Portal. They provided: smooth management of the multi-partner environment, effortless online enrolment, flexible administration of the accrual rules and easy report organisation and many more.


Boosting the Engagement

Another crucial pillar and a factor that played a significant role in the phenomenal success of the JetBlue loyalty program was a decision to establish the TrueBlue Badges. A gamification module that motivates the customers by introducing rivalry and utilising the joyful emotions that it evokes, creating a positive association with the airline. Program members are challenged to reach goals and gain badges which are granted for a variety of actions (almost 500 in four categories) – from purchasing a ticket, to sharing their thoughts on social media.  What makes this method even more attractive is the fact that travellers can compete with friends through badges and flights and follow their statuses on leader boards. This possibility creates genuine engagement, and forms an authentic connection with the brand and builds loyalty.


Excellent Results

TrueBlue Badges turned out to be a remarkable success. In just 6 months after its launch in 2013, JetBlue noted over 200% new partner transaction activations, over 100,000 active users with 560,000 of the awarded badges. Moreover, it also swiftly accelerated the online exposure by gaining 1.3 million additional loyalty page views and over 1.5 million Facebook impressions. This shows that enriching the customer experience not only allows the company to position itself as approachable and cutting-edge, but also directly translates into online traffic, social customer acquisition and attaining of the potential brand advocates.


A Great Satisfaction

It needs to be emphasised that this profitable outcome is a long lasting tendency. Overall the loyalty program manages 8 million accounts that generated 70 million transactions. Just in 2015 JetBlue observed 10% traffic growth with 9.3% of operating revenue for years 2014/2015. This accomplishment is a solid proof that investing in a supreme engagement strategy supported by an expert, like Comarch, is a rewarding business decision, what is confirmed even by the JetBlue team themselves:

“We have found Comarch to be a great partner both from a development perspective and a strategic direction perspective. Their ability to ramp up and resource projects and initiatives has been very impressive. We have never had any regrets in choosing Comarch and we look forward to a long and innovative relationship.”

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