Multiprogram - a New Valuable Addition to the Comarch Loyalty Management Solution

It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are living in the prime of loyalty programs. Research shows that in 2015, only in the US, there were 3.3 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs. [1] Since on average 20% of loyal customers can generate up to 80% of general revenue [2], companies strive not only to intensify their loyalty operations but also to expand their reach. It is visible especially in global or regional enterprises that are making sure to spread their strategies onto all of their markets. Although they usually aim to unify the approach and standardize the practices across branches, the unique nature of specific countries requires different measures to accommodate their particular needs. Frequently, these organizations designate separate marketing teams to handle individual regions and as a consequence - one entity can be a holder of several loyalty programs at once.

Brand New Option

One of Comarch’s trademarks is the ability to accurately recognize the needs of modern businesses, acknowledge their importance and create optimized solutions. A great representation of this can be found in our newest addition to Comarch Loyalty Management – Multiprogram. This concept was specially designed to allow companies to consecutively operate various loyalty programs dedicated to different countries with independent configurations only from one loyalty platform.


Convenient Arrangement

What makes this option unique is that in this case several loyalty programs share one technical infrastructure including network, hardware and 3rd party licenses - but they still are isolated in terms of software and business configurations. Access to each program setup is separated along with the dedicated interface, designated partners and member data. This separation also means that all the management processes such as enrolment of new members, creation of accrual and promotion rules, rewards distribution as well as transactions are conducted within the context of a particular program. This division further translates into the marketing communication as all of the messages can be assigned and managed within one loyalty scheme. Moreover, the system simplifies the establishment of similar programs by providing the possibility of a default configuration of parameters and constituting a unified core of the program, while still allowing for adding customized adjustments according to the distinctive specifics of the select branch of the corporation. However, if needed, there is an option for creating a brand new, fully tailored and original program as well.    


Priceless Benefits

One of the main advantages of this solution is the fact that it drastically optimizes costs while still keeping the loyalty project at a large-scale, advanced and accurately adapted to the given country. Firstly, because consolidating various programs within just one technical frame minimizes the fees of 3rd party licences. Secondly, because it also lowers the expenses of implementation and it makes the support much easier since there are fewer components.

In the continuous process of enhancing Comarch Loyalty Solution we always take under consideration the best interest of our business partners. By introducing Multiprogram we will not only make our flagship product more attractive, but we will also form a positive environment for efficient yet cost-effective development of our clients’ loyalty strategy.


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