Logistics Module for Comarch Loyalty Management

It is a matter of common knowledge that the backbone of every loyalty program is the complex arrangement of rewards. However, the factor that incomparably determines the overall success of this undertaking, is making sure that all of the ingredients of the structure perform smoothly as every mistake or even minor malfunction can cause negative repercussions and may tarnish the reputation.


Managing loyalty system is not solely connected to the phase of creating promotions and establishing benefits, because it is not sufficient to just draw new members with attractive incentives. The true challenge is fulfilling the obligation of the redemption and rewarding the customers to keep them involved and satisfied, in order to maximise the retention.


This demanding endeavour is exceptionally difficult, considering it usually involves synchronizing multi-partner cooperation with numerous warehouses, stores, logistics providers. The most effective way to assure exceptionally smooth coordination is setting superior standards for all of the components of the delivery including supplies, invoicing, stock and shipping management and closely overseeing all of the stages of their execution, making sure they perform seamlessly between businesses as well as towards the recipients.


The process of handling the rewarding operation is the evident extension of customer service and the symptom of brand quality and integrity. Keeping in mind the fact that according to the research 70 % of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated[1], it is fundamental to implement a specially designed system to  manage and monitor the logistics of bonus distribution in order to tackle this task meticulously.


As a company who distinguishes itself through concentrating broad knowledge, precious experience and motivation on overcoming the barriers by creating supreme solutions designated for business improvement, we prepared a functionality that will  transform the loyalty rewards logistics strategy into an effortless sequence. Available in various models, with an abundance of options granting full access to the administration and supervision of the entire delivery process, we present Logistics Module that serves as a comprehensive support for excellent  customer service.


[1] Source: McKinsey

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