Introducing Data Hub – Comarch Loyalty Management for Travel

The predominant principle that lays behind Comarch’s technology is the ultimate optimization of the business processes, continuous development and constant readjustment to ever-changing market conditions.  


The main advantage of travel loyalty programmes is embedded in their flexibility of applying them across the board and creating a wide angle cooperation with a multitude of partners. It creates a possibility not only to offer an extensive range of options for the customers but also to maximise ROI of the entire implementation of the loyalty system. Consequently, any enhancements of such programmes should make the partnership more inviting and should contribute towards broadening the spectrum of cooperating businesses.


Data Hub is the brand new functionality that was designed with efficiency and practicality  in mind, making the processes more streamlined by creating a fluent file transfer across the partners saving time, therefore saving costs.


The fundamental benefit of this component is that it will facilitate the process of adding airline and non-airline partners to the system by allowing it to connect effortlessly without any additional development on their side. The module will be automatically synchronized with the new affiliate’s system and ready to use.

Smart Solutions         

We made sure to include the automation of file exchange and base it on practically designed predefined model. Moreover, in case of a file transmission delay, it will perform an auto–processing procedure. With additional introduction of automated conversion of file formats, the integration of these systems has never been easier, allowing for seamless merging with new affiliates.

Easy Access

Furthermore, the files will be arranged in a transparent and comprehensive multi-layer structure that consists of strategically chosen factors such as: project, environment, partner and task. To make it even more convenient, we specifically arranged a very useful monitoring element that will include statistics regarding the entire file exchange process and will be able to verify them and notify, by generating an alerting message, when problems occur.

With Data Hub you acquire an upgraded tool that will redefine the entire process of running loyalty programmes making it more seamless and will easily approve partners boosting the profitability.

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