How to Enrich Your Loyalty Offer? - Corporate Loyalty Accounts

At the base of Comarch’s ongoing development approach lays the conviction that these processes should encompass multiple aspects and besides focus on the technological perspective, it is vital that they also include the enhancements that come from market analysis. The monitoring of general customer experience trends, search for new ways to attract clientele as well as creating formulas to withstand the competition, should be the driving force of product improvements and novelty additions.

Finding the Needs 

Our newest concept - Corporate Loyalty Accounts - will enrich the Comarch Loyalty Management solution dedicated for travel business and is an effect of all of the measures mentioned above. It is meant to introduce new opportunities for companies to secure recurring transactions and to strengthen loyalty. The starting point of its inception was the awareness of the fact that travel customers and their goals are different than the potential marketing recipients of any other industry, especially since a certain percentage of them can be traveling for business. Research shows that business travellers account for 12% of passengers but are typically twice as profitable for airlines, on some flights business passengers represent 75% of an airline's profits.[1] Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge this group by creating an exclusively catered loyalty offer, particularly since there is a distinct demand for it as 77% of Travel Managers are “somewhat interested” or “very interested” in a corporate loyalty program that rewards companies through various discounts and perks [2].


Convenient Arrangement 

Comarch Loyalty Management allows for operating the Corporate Loyalty Accounts which reward the companies for booking corporate flights for their employees, together with the platform for individual members. What makes this solution so valuable and desired is the fact that it is mutually beneficial considering that for every flight points are accrued both to the corporate and to the individual account, and thus it becomes a dual force of business leverage. From an airlines’ standpoint offering Corporate Loyalty Accounts means not only attracting enterprises to choose their services that automatically guarantees a steady income derived from the company’s flight purchases, but can also result in much more longstanding profits. By gaining exposure and potentially an attachment of a substantial number of customers that are corporate employees, airlines may attain their loyalty when it comes to their individual, leisure travels without any additional marketing activity. From the organizations’ perspective, this option is very appealing as it is a great way for saving costs as the points gathered through travel can be redeemed for free flights. Collectively amassed points translate into a much faster process of climbing tiers and reaching higher statuses. This is usually connected with the incentives that are especially valuable for business passengers such as lounge access, priority boarding, and check-in. Consequentially employees spend less time in transit and can utilize the waiting period more effectively. For the customers, apart from the opportunity of collecting individual points while flying for work related affairs, the privileges make the journey much more pleasant, improve the entire passenger experience, boost airline’s image and drive loyalty.   


Easy Management

To make this feature truly efficient, we made sure that Comarch’s Corporate Loyalty Accounts is based on a multi-tenant architectural model. The possibility of sharing balances with different subsidiaries within one company, having a designated corporate administrator and various forms of enrolment are just a few options that make this addition convenient and easily manageable.    

Comarch’s Loyalty Team prides itself on being a group of experts who always understood the importance of constant progress driven by the needs of the customer and the general trade tendencies. The implementation of Corporate Loyalty Accounts is a prime example of this philosophy.   



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