Enhance Your Business with the Dual Power of CLM and ECM

Nowadays, the highly competitive character of the market, never-ending technology development and marketing overabundance result in companies having to face considerable challenges. This tendency is especially apparent in the travel industry, which is not only one of fastest growing industries, but also the industry that is predicted to grow perpetually -  International Air Transport Association (IATA) claims that passenger numbers are expected to reach 7.3 billion by 2034 [1]. These circumstances force businesses to go above and beyond to provide a unique offering to stay attractive to their existing customers as well as to drive new clientele. Although, the best way to achieve that is to create a complex and advanced loyalty strategy, the key to success seems to be quite simple and it essentially revolves around building genuine relationships. Therefore, to become an industry leader, brands should perceive loyalty not as a separate entity, but as an integral component of their overall approach.

The Innovative Merge          

As an accomplished professional, Comarch is well aware of this situation. Because of this outlook we created a cutting edge combination of our flagship Loyalty Management and our ECM Customer Care solutions that conjoins the loyalty strategy with customer service. The joint efforts of two of our experienced business units resulted in designing an innovative package that covers a multitude of business processes and promotes a unified vision of all customers related affairs to maximize their satisfaction. Companies that choose our new product will be equipped with a full spectrum of our high-class loyalty system that utilizes the most effective consumer motivating mechanisms including targeted offers, location based services, engagement techniques and mobile application. Additionally, they will have a secure arrangement of customer support on all stages of the journey from administration of complaints, activating services, confirming compensation payments or defining discounts to automated issue resolution and direct interaction through diversified channels. By bringing these areas together we achieve a homogenous standard of operations, a competent environment of smooth information exchange and a more efficient structure.


Powerful Advantages

Taking under consideration the fact that research shows 81% of business travellers cited a higher level of service as having an impact on their evaluation of a loyalty program[2], these two Comarch’s products complement each other perfectly. The reason why this combination is a truly unique business accelerator lies in the fact that it builds trustworthiness and reliability - one of the fundamental pillars of loyalty especially in the airline business, where instantaneous and adequate assistance is expected.


Valuable Trust

The best validation of universal benefits of this consolidation is the fact that it was chosen by the largest carrier in the Nordic region and a renowned member of the reputable Star Alliance - Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). 


Keeping up with the changes in the modern world and constant progress of the market does not only equal technology upgrades, but also evolution of the mentality towards the customer base and being open to follow their expectations. For years Comarch perfected its CLM platform and over time  gradually enriched it with more advanced modules. This new addition redefines loyalty by putting it in a broader perspective and is an another step in the long-term progression plan.

[1] Source: http://www.iata.org/pressroom/pr/Pages/2014-10-16-01.aspx

[2] Source: http://blog.accessdevelopment.com/customer-loyalty-statistics-2016-edition


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