Data Driven Content on Social Media – Meet Comarch Loyalty for Travel

Indisputably, the requirements of the contemporary world oblige businesses to take notice of the significance of social media channels as one of the essential components in creating an influential and successful marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

Being known for increasing efficacy of businesses, Comarch made a priority to    incorporate integration of their loyalty solutions for travel with Facebook which, with more than 1.3 billion of monthly active users[1], makes a leading social media channel. To fully utilise its marketing capabilities we introduce the promotion creator- a wisely designed tool  that will contribute to optimizing managing data driven content on social media.

Convenient Management

The most common form of competent and effective Facebook activity is posting strategic content on fanpages. Comarch’s novelty will support posting texts accompanied with supplemental links and photos. They can be send immediately, but we also made sure to add a special function allowing to set date and exact time of it to go live. Therefore, Business Administration operator can easily coordinate content’s timetable according to the marketing needs. Due to the fact that the application allows for defining posts for various fanpages, it makes for a great aid in achieving competently coherent, all-round content management.

Smooth Communication

To maximise business outreach through Facebook, the message circulation strategy should also be taken into consideration. Our application asserts a message template system  that will conveniently help in achieving unified and professional message structure. They can be not only easily defined but also optionally tied with certain triggering events, evoking automated sending. Additionally, it can deliver notifications informing members about achieving certain tier levels.

Introducing our solution will provide a manageable and capable system for smooth administration of the interaction with social media audience.


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