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In the day and age of the communication overflow, marketing perspective based on a conviction that a company’s communication should be constructed around their priorities seems like a relic. In order not only to maximize your business potential but simply not to fade into obscurity, one must pursue a marketing strategy reinforced and aligned with today’s reality.

The answer to this condition is the implementation of the customer centric approach. The most cohesive way to understand its paradigm, is to distinguish it from the organisation-centered strategy, stemming from a standpoint that the organization’s preferences are the most essential. In contrast, consumer-centered vision underlines the importance of meeting customers’ needs, providing them with personalised and relevant offers.

The key to execute this attitude is to enrich customers’ experience through customization on all stages of contact. This marketing viewpoint is not newly coined but nowadays it has gained a completely new dimension. Apart from POS interaction, a crucial element of this strategy is to build a unique bond with your customers by communicating with them through prevailing genres of social media directly or through the influencers. The power of these channels never ceases to amaze. The studies show that 78% of customers claim that companies’ social media post impact on their purchases.

Comarch offers a plethora of Customer Relationship Management tools that allow you to reach out to your customer in a synchronized manner of multichannel communication and diversely analyze gathered data. Comarch’s solutions will accelerate your knowledge about the consumers and allow you to thrive in meeting their needs thus boost your real benefits.

The cherry on top is the unique technology of beacons that takes your company’s potential to the whole another level. This innovative micro-localisation solution allows you to react instantly to your customers’ actions in your shop, adjusting your content and offers accordingly to their behaviour.

Everything indeed revolves around customer.

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