Comarch's workshop at Loyalty 2015 - Building Customer Loyalty

As an esteemed member of loyalty marketing business, Comarch always eagerly gets involved in popular trade events, although we are very selective about our partnerships and we only support the biggest and the most prestigious initiatives.

It is not the first time that we decided to become one of the sponsors of the renowned conference organized by Airline Business and Global Flight – Loyalty 2015. It is one of the most influential events for travel loyalty industry and it will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from February 16th till 18th.

Join us!

We would be more than happy to meet you at our conference booth. Additionally we are creating an exclusive opportunity for you to gain valuable inside information from a knowledgeable and experienced source by inviting you to our specially arranged workshop. It will be held on Tuesday, February 17th at 2.00 p.m. by one of Comarch’s best loyalty experts, Consulting Director Piotr Kozlowski and it will concern an exceptionally topical subject matter: ‘Building customer loyalty- going beyond points/miles’.

Subject matter

The main focus of the discussion will revolve around general theme of relationship with the customer of Frequent Flyer Programmes and its various faces. Piotr will compare processes of building behavioural vs emotional loyalty and share strategies and tactics on how to successfully implement the latter into the travel sector. The discussion will include managing communication with the most valuable customers and what are the main opportunities and threats of forming intimate relationships with them. Our consultant will also raise an extremely vital issue of the true essence of customer loyalty and the unresolved dilemma whether it is more connected with gaining points/miles or with the brand. He will also share his insights on building a relationship with the customer beyond transaction touch points. Furthermore, the workshop will provide information about new products to deliver recognition and targeted offers to programme members.

We hope you seize that unique chance and will join us at Loyalty 2015!

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