Comarch’s Long-Standing Cooperation With BP

Although we highly value all of our clients and we are excited for every business venture that we engage in, the long-lasting and continually growing cooperative projects are the most gratifying and those that we take special pride in. A prime example of that relation is our partnership with one of the world’s leading oil and gas companies-BP- that commenced  in 2001 and over the years included 40 diverse projects that were conducted in 10 different countries. This endeavour was not only an amazing learning process but also a unique way of successive and parallel growth of our solutions and business approach, thus it added to the overall expansion of our company.


Mutual Experience

The initial plan focused on providing a loyalty solution for BP Poland and due to the major success of our offer, it resulted in global implementation of unified IT platform dedicated to many countries with simultaneous maintenance of independence of particular programs. Over the years we developed three diversified paths of executing their loyalty strategy: joining larger multi-partner program, restricting loyalty solely to BP or starting its own partner arrangement. Together with specifically tailored operations, promotions, redemption rules and  marketing messages, it provided the perfect adjustment of the needs, requirements and functionalities to the respective local markets


New Challenge

We are delighted to announce that recently we have finalized another significant milestone in our collaboration by revamping the Spanish branch version of our loyalty program for BP by updating it and making it more adequate to the market and more convenient for the partners. The main intention was to create a model that would accelerate customer engagement not only through more attractive incentives such as discounts and privileges, but also by adding functional  features such as mobile application. It was especially challenging, since the transformation also involved program mechanics and had to be conducted at a strict time frame dictated by the marketing schedule.


Splendid Success

As a result of the collective effort of our committed team and cooperation with  BP, we were able to launch “MI BP” -  a brand new release of Spanish loyalty program. It provides superb bonuses thanks to the association with worldwide leading brands like: Toys R US, Media Markt and locally known companies such as Hiperdino or El Corte Ingles. Equipped with convenient online platform (, full spectrum  of supplementary components  and  smooth management,  it offers user-friendly access to cutting-edge technology.


Amazing Perspective

We are very proud of this achievement, especially since the client is so satisfied with our performance, that he honoured us with the rare official congratulations, praising our communication skills, dependability in meeting the deadline, as well as providing initially unexpected additions to the system. We are convinced that this project apart from proving our competence, will furtherly strengthen our relationship with BP and hopefully secure the continuation of a lasting and fruitful cooperation.

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