Comarch Smart City Solution - The Future Of Urban Space

Living in the day and age of booming technology development we have a privilege not only to witness the revolutionary transformation of the reality as we know it, but most importantly to take part in that fascinating process that increasingly spreads out to every sphere of our existence. Comarch prides itself on being an IT expert who strives to always be one step ahead of the competition. That is why we monitor these ground-breaking changes, use our expertise to recognize the arisen opportunities and concentrate on applying them to the arsenal of our business solutions.

Revolutionary opportunity

As a result of the above mechanisms we are able to present our newest creation – Comarch Smart City. This unique platform, based on the Internet of Things concept and with the use of beacons, brings state-of-the-art technology to the city arena, upgrading the quality of residents’ live by transitioning metropolitan reality and simplifying the communication.

New local reality

The solution is a comprehensive source of citizens’ assistance in various areas of everyday life from useful directions, through effortless e-governance, to convenient guidance in municipal or healthcare case handling. Apart from the easy access to various chargeable services such as bus tickets or parking spaces, it also provides information about retail offers available close by and grants access to the mobile payment. Moreover, it accelerates the usage of the public transport and promotes taking advantage of the city entertainment.

Convenient optimization

In order to maximise practicality and to ensure user-friendly approach, the platform supplies a wide range of components to easily navigate the functionalities and allowing effortless search and recommendation system. Additionally, it consists of various elements that optimize administration, along with Analytical and Business Intelligence tools to support accurate customer segmentation by generating reports and profound analyses. Keeping in mind the interrelated character of this structure, we made sure to include a comprehensive Web Portal specially designated for the partners.

Rare quality

What makes Comarch Smart City unique is the possibility of adding elements of loyalty programs and gamification mechanisms. With this option we open a brand new era of involved, mindful and enjoyable citizenship with tailored interaction and the urban space as a territory of multiple connections all concentrated in one spot.

Business orientation

Since our clients are always the priority while designing our products, Smart City can be adjusted to the particular needs of their business due to its flexible and modular structure and scalable capabilities of the system. To maximise satisfaction, we are able  to secure the full spectrum of services on all of the stages of the project from planning to forming the strategy as well as during implementation and operational project management.

Smart City delivers a plethora of benefits for all the parties. Apart from creating a more attractive place for the community and  facilitating civic administration, it enables direct access to the customer and therefore boosts local market. It is an embodiment of everything that Comarch values the most – using technology in the mission of bringing people and businesses together.

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