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The advanced technology is the quintessence of Comarch‘s driving force. What makes us unique is that we truly believe that the key to the major success in our field is not only the use of state-of-the art scientific tools but also the ability to always keep the customer in mind. Therefore, we always make sure that during the process of development we balance both of those aspects and create products that infuse businesses with fully innovative yet practical approach.

Smart Combination

A prime example of this viewpoint is the Comarch Customer Engagement platform which conjoins cutting–edge technology, business expertise, and technical proficiency with the knowledge of psychological and sociological mechanisms that are based on human nature and its tendency to enjoy rivalry. Utilising  game structure in the non-game situations activates the same positive emotions  that are connected with planning tactics, competing with others and driving satisfaction from accomplishments. When this path is implemented in the business context it brings genuine engagement and creates more intense customer experience.

Comprehensive Assortment

Our offer can bring your loyalty program to the whole another level by supporting a wide spectrum of gamification options. Apart from the customizable collection of numerous challenges, flexible range of badges and prizes, we also supply the contemporary beacon technology that allows for location based personalization. Along with the progress and performance tracking component and availability on many platforms- from website to mobile and social media- it activates the user during various phases of the customer journey. Furthermore,  its versatility allows for utilising it successfully in the employee motivation and involvement scenarios.

Amazing Results

The three merged pillars of our powerful solution: Fun, Friends and Feedback contribute to the positive environment that naturally forms a more personal interaction and  a special bond. It also lays the foundation for strong identification and can motivate the customers to become brand advocates and give your company valuable exposure on social media networks. Moreover, the engagement platform serves as a significant source of customer data and helps gaining priceless business insight to further customize and improve the relevance.

Exceptional  Quality

Comarch Customer Engagement provides the indispensable mechanism to support your company in establishing it as the one to be redefining the standards of the loyalty programs. Building meaningful relationships with your clientele through attractive gamification method is not only an impressive way to separate yourself from the competition, but also an excellent example of uniting high-class technology with the power of emotions.

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