Comarch Transaction Protection - tPro ECC

Comarch tPro ECC is an innovative USB token for digital signature designed to meet the highest security needs of corporate and private banking customers. Unlike smart cards and other cryptographic devices based on outdated NPAPI technology, tPro ECC is driverless, OS-agnostic and browser-independent thanks to a connectivity mechanism that is unique in the market. Furthermore, the presence of a built-in button that the user has to press and release in order to authorize transactions makes tPro ECC an extremely effective device in countering remote attacks.

Reinforced security

tPro ECC is equipped with an elliptic curve cryptographic (ECC) coprocessor providing instant key generation and secure digital signing. Advanced protection is ensured by the push-button functionality.

Reduced costs

tPro ECC works on PCs with all popular operating systems and web browsers without the installation of any additional drivers, plugins or software, thus reducing costs related to maintenance and support.

Straightforward integration

tPro ECC can be easily integrated on the browser side through a JavaScript library (based on WebSocket API). Electronic signatures can be verified by standard PKI components, free tPro libraries or the tPro Authentication Server.

100% made in Europe

tPro ECC tokens are designed, developed and manufactured by Comarch at its own facilities in Krakow, Poland, thus complying with all EU requirements and standards. Hence the guarantee that tPro ECC is one of the most reliable tokens with button available on the market.

Comarch Transaction Protection solutions

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