Contract LifeCycle Management

Contract LifeCycle Management

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Comarch Contract Lifecycle is a solution to improve contract managing on each step of lifecycle of the document. Support of the process starts from the creation of the document with the predefined templates, through negotiating where versioning keeps track of the changes and suppliers can change and comment document via negotiation portal.

Built-in workflow mechanism with a use of complex rules helps to improve approval process of the contract. Thanks to e-signature, contract can be signed without printing a single page. All contracts are stored in one central repository, consisting of intelligent dossiers for vendors, contractors or projects. Contracts, depending on their type, have specific indexes assigned like crucial deadlines or KPIs to be monitored.

Contract Execution Management helps to check periodically performance of the most important contractual terms. With the use of Comarch Contract Lifecycle Management user gets notifications about upcoming end of the contract, and workflow for exit or renewal of the contract can be automatically triggered in the system.


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