Customer Care: Customer service software

Comarch Customer Care is a solution that significantly improves the quality of customer service, which is extremely important these days.


Thanks to customer service software that have a clear and intuitive interface it’s easier to deal with complaints, add new services, confirm payments, define discounts and conduct correspondence. With built-in workflow mechanisms the solution assists with taking care of the issue from beginning to end, even if it requires coordinated work of many teams.

Imagine there's a delayed flight by your company. If the reported case concerns flight "ABZ 7029", then the complaint management system will resolve the issue on its own by rewarding this person with 5,000 loyalty points, sending an email apologizing for the delay and closing the case. But what if the user is a "Platinum" member? Predefined rules will enable you to deal with that in accordance with the latest policy. Comarch's solution helps take care of the entire process which is an extremely popular solution for telecoms, insurance companies, airlines and financial institutions.

Benefits of Customer Care software


  • Faster customer service
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Transparency – the opportunity to tell clients:

     » What the status of their issue is
     » When a particular team will be able to start working
     » When the case is closed

  • More efficient work by the team of consultants
  • Better communication between technical, consulting, financial and legal departments
  • Ability to analyze KPIs

Functionalities of Comarch Customer Service Software


For customers different sources of contact with consultants

  • Chat with a consultant
  • E-mail
  • Phone calls
  • Fax
  • Traditional mail
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Interactive forms

For consultants

  • Quick identification of a customer
  • History of tasks performed for the client
  • Indexation by type of the case
  • Prioritizing
  • Resolving the issue and/or the possibility to assign it to the appropriate technical team
  • Easier correspondence with customers (email, SMS, phone, chat, social media)
  • Better division of labor between consultants based on parameters such as the number of cases, difficulty, and priority
  • Grouping of similar cases (e.g. customer type, type of case) which translates into faster service

Complaint management system

Complaint management system is an inseparable part of customer service software. The system ensures the efficient, consistent and cost-effective recording, tracking and reporting of all complaints and customer feedback. Prioritize, manage and close the ever-increasing volume of requests that reach organizations through a variety of channels. Comarch Customer Care speeds up the process for resolving complaints, and helps you use that valuable feedback to make your products and services better. A well-handled complaint is an invaluable opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one.

Our Clients



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