“Let’s Talk Loyalty” Takes On Comarch & Vietnam Airlines’ Loyalty Program

The latest installment of Paula Thomas’ “Let’s Talk Loyalty” takes a closer look at the Comarch-powered Lotusmiles program – Vietnam Airlines’ frequent flyer initiative.

Paula Thomas’ “Let’s Talk Loyalty” and Loyalty TV are among the top and biggest loyalty channels for marketing professionals worldwide. In each episode, Paula dives into the industry’s current trends and challenges backed by insights from experts specializing in loyalty program design, management, and optimization. Together with her guests, the show host discusses the most inspiring strategies and concepts in the loyalty world, offering her listeners a glimpse into what works best for keeping customers attached to a brand.

This week, Paula talks loyalty with Tran Thi Thu Hien, Deputy Director of the Lotusmiles program – a Comarch-powered loyalty initiative of Vietnam Airlines. As part of the Sky Team Alliance, the Hanoi-based company boasts as many as 20 million passengers a year. With so many customers on board, the airline group needed a program to make frequent flying more convenient and enjoyable. Hence, in 2010, Vietnam Airlines set up its first loyalty program – the highly successful Lotusmiles. 

In this episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty,” Paula Thomas asks Tran Thi Thu Hienhow Lotusmiles managed to increase its members from 170,000 to a staggering 5 million today and what were the main challenges in promoting the program in such a vast and competitive market. Together, they discuss how flying can combine convenience and luxury to create an experience that passengers want to repeat over and over again.

Want to know more about Vietnam Airline’s loyalty program? You can watch the “Let’s Talk Loyalty” episode about Lotusmiles RIGHT HERE.

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