Interview: Your sustainability efforts are supported by loyalty programs

Many companies claim to be committed to sustainability, but it can be difficult for customers to understand what this means. In this interview, Magdalena Pudełko sheds light on how loyalty programs serve as a bridge between sustainable companies and consumers and explains how loyalty programs not only help both parties make informed choices, but also enhance their relationship.

Sustainability is often said to be a must for businesses today, but how far does that concept extend? Is it just about showcasing organic production methods or decent working conditions? According to Magdalena Pudełko, the answer is no.

In simple terms, a sustainability program has a single goal: That future generations have the same access to natural resources as we did, and not only the next generation but also their great-grandchildren. Sometimes, the sustainability project is seen as doomed, but there are ways to work. One of them is to change human behavior, and this is where loyalty comes in.”

Providing guidance to customers

Comarch has clients in all industries, from air transport and retail to B2B. Magdalena Pudełko says that companies often come to us for guidance on how to help their own customers make conscious, sustainable choices.

Companies identify which part of their offering is the most sustainable, and from there, they can design a way to help the customer make the right decision. For example, a coffee company might encourage using recyclable cups or beans that require less water to roast, while an airline might reward a choice of biofuel. We help companies reward customers who use these products and services.”

The company is the customer's identity

Magdalena believes that sustainability and loyalty issues go hand in hand because today's customers are more demanding for several reasons. One of them is identity.

Customers' awareness of the climate issue is outstanding today. Today, we identify a lot with the companies we buy from, which pressures the companies to live by the same principles as we do. A company can't just put the sustainability issue at the bottom of its annual report, as it could 20 years ago. They must show that they care about the issue and that their customers have the opportunity to make the right choices.”

Conscious choices create a circular effect

According to Magdalena, companies benefit greatly from loyalty programs to demonstrate their commitment. Not only does the program create a closer relationship with customers, but it can also make the relationship more personal.

It has always been important to focus on the needs of the customer, and in terms of sustainability, you can see it as a circle: The company's decision, which helps the customer make a good choice, makes the customer want to stay with the company – which "gives back" to the brand. Loyalty programs are a great way to communicate with customers about your sustainability agenda and clearly signal that your company wants to improve its performance. A loyalty platform is not only a way to retain customers, but also to talk to them in a personalized way.”

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