Going Beyond Loyalty – Comarch & Virgin Active’s Project at “Let’s Talk Loyalty”

Can brand loyalty actually change lives for the better? Virgin Active’s CEO, Dean Kowarski, talks about how a rewards program can encourage people to be healthier. The insights he shares during the podcast are a real masterclass on customer loyalty.


The best loyalty programs are those completely aligned with a brand’s mission and values. Virgin Mobile's new rewards program proves it like no other. Focused on getting people to move more and making wellness more available to the masses, this Comarch-powered initiative fits perfectly into everything that Virgin Mobile stands for. With over 1.5 million members and 238 health clubs in 8 countries, the London-based company is all about mixing sports and great customer experience.

This is precisely what Dean Kowarski, Virgin Active’s CEO, discussed in a recent episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty,” the most famous podcast for loyalty marketing professionals. Founded by Paula Thomas, this episode featured a special host – Amanda Cromhout from the Truth loyalty agency. Together with Dean, Amanda pondered over the Virgin Active Rewards’ goals, challenges, and solutions. As a pro in building community engagement, Dean shared with her his thoughts on a single view of customers, a real-time view of member data, and the importance of personalization.

He also revealed Virgin Active’s secret to customer retention and tricks to anticipate and meet consumers' needs. Given the Virgin Active Rewards’ unique profile, Dean highlighted how powerful the customer experience and the feeling of belonging can be when it comes to creating loyalty. His conversation with Amanda offered many interesting insights and solutions that can be used to boost customer engagement in most industries.

Want to know more about what they are?

Check out the latest episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty” with Amanda Cromhout and Dean Kowarski.

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