Comarch Loyalty Cloud 1.1 Revealed
We are pleased to inform you that Comarch Loyalty Cloud (CLC), our robust yet affordable platform for designing, running, and managing immersive loyalty programs, is getting an upgrade – a series of upgrades, to be exact.

CLC 1.1 will help operators build even stronger customer relationships, increase brand awareness, and gain a competitive advantage. Keep reading below to learn about the new enhancements and functionalities included in the upgrade.

Recognition tiers and benefits

In the latest version of CLC, we're introducing Recognition Tier Schemas. In basic terms, one such schema represents a group of conditions that, if met, can result in members getting new recognition tiers and all the benefits that come with them. Tiers and benefits are awarded based on a given qualification period and specific criteria. For instance, once a member collects a certain number of points, they may reach the next recognition tier.

Plus, not only does CLC allow operators to configure recognition tier schemas using a simple wizard, but it also enables them to define what the benefits are and assign them to specific recognition tiers.

New types of rewards

In CLC, we have two types of awards: benefits, used in the above-mentioned recognition tier model, and rewards, which are various physical and virtual gifts for which members can redeem their loyalty points. In the newest version of CLC, we have expanded the rewards catalog, which now includes physical rewards, online rewards, coupons, and charity donation rewards.

Anonymous loyalty program identifiers

To accelerate the process of acquiring new program members, program operators are now able to issue and distribute anonymous loyalty cards. That’s a highly efficient way of promoting one’s loyalty program, especially in high-traffic areas where there is no time or space to enroll new members on the spot.

Members can use anonymous identifiers to collect loyalty points without the need for registration. To redeem loyalty points and get their rewards, they must register their cards via the mobile application. Once this process is complete, they can take full advantage of the program's benefits.

Generic events

Also included in this upgrade is the ability to define non-standard loyalty events in the platform itself, as well as integrate with other systems to get information about them, which allows program operators to reward program members for taking part in such activities. This means that the system can quickly react to actions performed by members (such as participating in training or reviewing a product) by triggering promotions or presenting members with rewards.

New coupon sharing rules

Granted as a result of promotion and the process of redeeming points, coupons can now be used not only by those loyalty program members who acquired them but also by others as well. Not only can this help significantly expand the possibilities offered by traditional loyalty programs, but it can also make your loyalty program much more popular and stand out from your competitors.

Multi-language interface

Today, the CLC interface is available in multiple languages – this applies not only to its back-office applications but also to the member-facing mobile application. The system also allows operators to define the language in which messages such as external names and external descriptions are displayed. To put it another way, the names and descriptions of all promotions, coupons, and items from the rewards catalog can be presented in the language selected by a given program member. So, the more translations you provide, the more members will be able to understand and react to your messages. 

We hope you are just as excited about these new features as we are. Our goal for the Q4 of 2020 is to finish building a feature named "Online Data Exporter" that will allow us to integrate CLC with our other modules such as Comarch BI, Comarch AI, and Comarch Campaign Management, so that they can constitute this one, massive cloud marketing environment. Some exciting improvements for promotions, rewards, coupons, and recognition schemes are on the roadmap as well, so stay tuned for more information.

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