5 Things that Make DIAMETRICS®, our Loyalty Program Health Check Methodology, Truly Unique

No matter your company's size and industry - or what some people on Reddit might tell you - all business operations that are digitally driven need maintenance. Loyalty programs are no different in this respect.

If you fail to recognize that something is wrong, you may find yourself looking at the numbers one day and noticing that your clients, many of whom used to be highly engaged program members, have either fled or been inactive for months. Scenarios like that are exactly what got us to develop DIAMETRICS®, our proprietary methodology for conducting an in-depth health check of one's loyalty program. Here are five things that make DIAMETRICS® different from any other solution out there.

1. It can be used for defining clear goals and KPIs

You can't have a successful loyalty program without a sound strategy. Period. Fortunately, following the principles of DIAMETRICS®, we can quickly evaluate the established KPIs such as average transaction value (ATV) uplift, customer churn rate, redemption rate, and many others to identify potential pitfalls and help you design a future-proof loyalty program.

2. It allows for comparing rivaling loyalty programs

Considering that loyalty programs have become "the thing" in recent years, you'd probably like to know how your competitors are doing in terms of keeping their members engaged. Lucky for you, using DIAMERTICS®, we can perform a full analysis of rivaling loyalty programs, including their policies, USPs, main features, member benefits, and marketing channel strategies – that's more than enough to help you gain a competitive advantage.

3. It can help measure customer satisfaction

You don't want to spend too much money on a loyalty program that doesn't quite hit the spot with your customers' taste. But how to know if people actually like your loyalty program or not? With DIAMETRICS®, we can effectively measure customer satisfaction and evaluate the immersiveness of your program. Looking at Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Journey Consistency, and other metrics, we can determine precisely what your program needs so that your clients would be willing to recommend it to their friends and family.

4. It helps us check if your IT infrastructure is ok

Thanks to DIAMERTICS®, we can thoroughly analyze your company's IT infrastructure (performance, integrations, scalability), as well as its policies and operations (customer touchpoints design, risk of fraudulent activity) related to the loyalty program. Our goal here is to make sure that the architecture is in good condition and that it can support the processes required to run a loyalty program.

5. The findings go into one report

Last but not least, we are fully aware that the way you present a particular piece of information is often as important as the information itself. Thus, all conclusions drawn are consolidated into a single DIAMETRICS® Loyalty Program Health Check Report, which also includes recommendations on the loyalty program's design and specific advice on how to make improvements in each of the reviewed areas.

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