120 Years of Loyalty – Ford Motor Company Guest Stars on Paula Thomas’ Loyalty TV

How do you build customer loyalty in the challenging automotive industry? Beth Leverton from Ford Motor Company shares her secret with loyalty leader Paula Thomas in the latest episode of “Let’s Talk Loyalty,” available now on Loyalty TV.

For the first time ever, Paula Thomas invites an automotive brand to her show – and starts with none other than Ford Motor Company. Boasting over 120 years of auto experience and a highly successful FordPass™ rewards program, Ford is proof that building customer loyalty in such a difficult industry is not only possible but can turn into a massively profitable undertaking as well.

Beth Leverton – the Director of Rewards, Loyalty, and CX for the Ford Motor Company, reveals how and why. In her conversation with Paula Thomas, Leverton shares Ford’s unique strategy and explains the benefits of a Structured Loyalty Program, the driving force behind FordPass. She also talks about why less is more and why customer loyalty thrives on simplicity while simultaneously underlying the importance of technology.

Offering her insight into what makes FordPass – with its 13 million members – so successful, Beth Leverton mentions the long-standing partnership between Ford Motor Company and Comarch. She highlights that using Comarch’s loyalty-powering software helped boost FordPass and bring Ford new ideas for experiences and opportunities to pass on to their customers. “The Ford tech talent,” concedes Leverton, “combined with the masterminds at Comarch really augmented our rewards program really fast.”

“We augment our tech talent with Comarch. (And) Comarch, they’re the geniuses in the loyalty space and (we) couldn’t have better partners in this journey with us. They bring us new experiences and new opportunities all the time that we can, then again, pass on to our customers. The Ford tech talent combined with the masterminds at Comarch really augmented our rewards program really fast.”

– Beth Leverton – Director of Rewards, Loyalty, and CX at Ford

What are some other strategies that fueled Ford Motor Company’s loyalty success? Watch Paula Thomas’ Loyalty TV episode with Ford’s Beth Leverton to find out!

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