Despite the severe economic crisis WLAN market solutions for companies in 2010 is expected to deliver significant growth in revenues to producers offering Wi-Fi devices.

According to research conducted by IDC, WLAN market in 2010 will increase to 23%, from 1.7 billion to 2.1 billion dollars. This follows from the fact that companies are implementing wireless solutions to increase efficiency and productivity of workers. From the perspective of enterprise WLAN ceases to be a nice addition, and become an indispensable tool.

"More and more customers need a flexible, scalable wireless infrastructure. Get ready for widespread implementation in various fields - not only in offices and educational buildings, but also in all major industries," said Rohit Mehra, IDC.

Comarch has many successes in this type of projects. It should be mentioned here  about similar project for the district of Kraków.

Radio transmission systems are very complementary, and in many cases may be an alternative to the construction of cable networks - optical or copper. Using radiolines point to point is possible to build in a short time an extensive transmission network, which can transport a variety of technology and services required high reliability and availability of links.