e-biz2012 – An international conference on Electronic Business Operations, March 26-28, organized by Croatian Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship in cooperation with Case Ltd. Comarch patricipates in this event as a Partner.

The conference includes:

• LECTURES divided into three groups:

e-biz Standards, Directives, Development/ (EU, HR),

e-biz on Internet, Security

e-biz Solutions (B2B, e-government, e-health, e-learning and many more)

• PRESENTATIONS of technologies and solutions offered on the market.

• WORKSHOP - The aim of the workshops is to provide practical presentations of individual solutions, their potential and usage. Workshops are organized by manufacturers (suppliers) of the most popular solutions and programs. For those participating in lectures workshops are free of charge.

• SEMINARS - (Monday or Tuesday afternoon) 6 seminars will be held. Every seminar will last for 4 hours and focus on a single theme. Parallel seminars are organized by eminent experts from University or representatives of solution designers. Each seminar is charged separately.

• EXPOSITION - During the Congress an exposition/presentation of cards, solutions, tools and systems will be held in side-halls (participants: producers and representatives)