On the 31st of December 2008, Comarch and SA2 signed a long-term agreement for closer cooperation in the field of Global Data Synchronization. As a result, Polish customers using Comarch ECOD services will have access to the SA2 Worldsync product database, a solution certified by the global organization GS1.

Comarch ECOD and SA2 Worldsync prepared a common solution that allows logging into ECOD and SA2 Worldsync applications. As a result, access to global data product information, its implementation and sharing will be carried out smoothly and in a simple manner. Using the integrated solution provides consistency of basic data throughout the entire logistics process. As a result, the amount of work of the users of the ECOD Platform decreases, while the quality of data proportionately increases. Existing problems and errors in invoices, which had occurred as a result of incorrect data, will no longer exist.

- Through cooperation with SA2 Worldsync we are able to offer our customers a fully integrated solution for the electronic exchange of documents on the basis of fundamental global product data - says Jacek Mikuś, Director of Consulting, Comarch. - Our customers not only benefit from the broad and enhanced EDI services, but will have access to the GDSN community (Global Data Synchronization Network). We believe that partnership with SA2 in Poland is the first step towards long-term cooperation with more geographical coverage.

- Cooperation with Comarch is a good chance for Polish suppliers and trade organizations to take advantage of global data synchronization, in accordance with the standards of GS1. Currently, many companies already use the SA2 Worldsync products database that is approved by the GDSN. We expect that this number will grow significantly with the understanding of the direct trade benefits which this cooperation will bring - says Rolf Stark, Executive Director, SA2.

The Cooperation Agreement is a breakthrough in the global implementation of GDSN solutions in Poland, which since mid 2008 are increasingly gaining importance. The benefits from usage of global data exchange including GDSN are the following: improvement of the availability of products in stores, reduced time of introducing new products to the market and reduced costs by minimizing the number of errors in documents. SA2 Worldsync, in cooperation with GS1 Poland, is implementing the idea of Global Data Synchronization products on the Polish market.