Comarch Loyalty Management System manages loyalty transactions for BP in Germany, Poland and France. In total, it amounts to over 10 mln active cards and 4 mln transactions daily. The implementation of the new system in BP Poland has just been completed and in the nearest future BP customers in Spain will also be able to benefit from the conveniences of the system.

Comarch Loyalty Management is one of the most technologically and functionally advanced systems applied in loyalty program operation in the world. The new version of the system will guarantee a stronger relationship between BP and their customers, through reacting to their actions instantly (on-line), using many channels of communication, such as messages displayed via a cash register, personalized marketing announcements, websites, text messages and call centers. Implementation into BP Poland for the BP partnerclub in 2002 was the first implementation of the Comarch loyalty system in an on-line model. The system fit BP's marketing strategy very well and proved to be foolproof. As a result, Comarch has been invited, together with 20 other global IT providers, to participate in a tender to create a global loyalty system for BP.

- The pre-tender process together with the process of choosing providers lasted 24 months. At that time, sole participation in the tender of one of the most well-known brands in the world, which BP happens to be, was a success for Comarch. In 2005 we learnt that we won the tender and would be providing the BP group with a loyalty system. It was then that we realized that 2 years of hard work on the offer and the development of the product with BP Poland and subsequent customers proved to be fruitful and enabled Comarch to be present on the international market as a global provider of advanced CRM solutions. - says Marcin Warwas, Comarch SA vice-president, responsible for the Services Business Unit.

Thanks to close integration with cash register systems processing sales at BP petrol stations, Comarch Loyalty Management System ensures the completion of multidimensional loyalty promotions concerning all the details of the processed transactions. Its on-line version enables the participants of the program to be up to date with the balance of their loyalty accounts, as they are informed about it immediately after their purchase has been processed. The system allows defining the announcements available on the cash register displays or printed on the receipts, which significantly support current promotional campaigns.

- We are glad that the current positive experience of cooperation between Comarch and BP Group in creating loyalty programs is reflected by other important joint projects for BP from the business point of view. They are also extremely prestigious for Comarch – says Piotr Dziurżyński, Sales Center Manager, Comarch SA.

BP is one of the world’s largest companies providing energy. It is now present in more than 100 countries, has approximately 24,000 petrol stations and employs 96,000 people. The annual turnover in 2007 came to 284 billion USD, which is more than 600 billion PLN. Out of all the foreign petrol concerns, BP operates the largest petrol station chain (more than 350) in Poland. It is one of the biggest foreign investors on the Polish market. Its business activity dates from 1991 and it now takes the leading position on the petrol, gas and oil markets.