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Comarch Social Mining, which is a social media monitoring system, has been updated. As a complementary module to the other Comarch CRM & Marketing platform applications, it enables the integration of loyalty program management processes based on transactional data and omnichannel communication history with social media behavior and engagement data.


The most significant Comarch Social Mining updates include: 

  • Custom dashboards that can be created by any system user and then shared with other ones. To enable custom dashboard creation Comarch Social Mining allows its users to configure additional dashboards based both on the analysis presented on the default dashboard - which can be re-ordered, and additional ones - which could be added and subsequently customized and properly configured. Also, the dashboard layout (e.g. the number of columns and colors) can be configured during that process.
  • Ability to use segments in Spheres, where the objective is monitoring of social media user’s activities based on system user defined phrases or keywords. Currently when creating a Sphere, the system user may choose any existing CSM segment and add them to the selected Sphere
  • Ability to recognize brand ambassadors – possibility to verify whether loyalty program members are positive advocates too, to understand company target audiences, select the most engaged members and collaborate with them within the framework of a dedicated loyalty program function. By utilizing loyalty analytics to perform the breakdown it is possible to measure social media comments, shares, likes or even sentiment, and then to select target audiences.

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