In the day and age of an extremely competitive market, ubiquitous commercial content and- in consequence- the constant growth of customers’ expectations, marketers need to face a multitude of challenges in order to successfully reach their potential clientele. The scale and the complexity of factors that determine the profitability of marketing campaigns make the process strenuous not only in terms of overall management and synchronization of operations, but most importantly in the aspect of selecting the accurate communication strategy in order to get measureable results. 

The real challenge is to find the right balance of getting noticed in the information overflow, setting yourself apart from the competition, yet not to overwhelm the consumers with irrelevant messages and avoid the marketing fatigue effect. Therefore, the fundamental determinant that influences the effectiveness of the marketing endeavours is a proper targeting approach based on an advanced procedure of gathering, processing and analysing data about the typical behaviour and preferences of the customers. 


Our approach

At Comarch, in the course of our solution development, we always strive to make sure that our product arsenal not only reflects the common business demands but also is designed with marketers in mind and prioritizes their needs. This mentality also contributed to the arrangement of the Campaign Management -  the superior tool that- with the diversity of practical functionalities- is able to transform the procedure of conducting the marketing communication on all of the stages and on all of its areas. Since the components that are supported by it include a variety of campaign setup, customer targeting and testing as well as actual execution along with budgeting, monitoring, reporting and other administrative features, it serves as an all-encompassing assistance. 


Comarch Campaign Management benefits

One of the advantages of our solution is the fact that through one visually appealing and convenient interface it provides all of the elements indispensable to comprehensively and effortlessly manage many sequential or simultaneous multi-wave, multi-stage and multi-channel campaigns as well as simple one-time, one-channel or event triggered ones. 

We incorporated a supreme drag-and-drop segmentation tool with an easy access to the customer journey data utilising these information as a basis for grouping customers in reusable audiences. It allows to adjust the communication according to their needs with the specific tailored offers such as personalised coupons and precisely assigned promotions. Along with securing of the appropriate channel selection as well as full control over time, frequency and time lapse of sending messages, we are able to deliver tailored messages to the clearly defined  audience through the appropriate channel. In order to achieve it, we combine multiple channels such as: e-mail, SMS, direct mailing, Facebook and call center for a desired outcome. 

Comarch campaign management softwere makes the job of the marketing team much easier by simplifying the coordination of project assignments and optimizing the resources by providing a useful instrument to easily handle designated workflows and tasks thus expediting the teamwork organization. A manageable structure of the system accelerates the capacity through intuitive graphical tools and practical templates while campaign budgeting guarantees staying within the financial plan and maximizing the impact with optimum means. Moreover, a possibility of testing the scheme before it’s official launch ensures the correct direction and prevents accidental omissions. 

Another vital characteristic of our product is the fact that it grants an access to the operational reports and visuals such as customised dashboards. An extensive monitoring module enables a complete supervision over the campaign's results and also collects material  that can serve as a source of knowledge for future marketing ventures. 


The perfect solution

Comarch Campaign Management tackles all of the significant requirements needed while running an efficient marketing campaign by combing technology, marketing expertise and business-like tactics with great user experience. Implementing our solution equipped with UI suitable for marketing users will help you  gain viable results of numerous and tangible benefits including the enhancement of the customer experience, faster time-to market period as well as higher response rates, increased retention and customer lifetime value. All of these points are crucial for maximising business outreach and boosting profitability.  

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