Loyalty Marketing Cloud - March releases (LMC 1.6 and LMC 1.7)

We are thrilled to inform you that Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud, our end-to-end platform for building and managing immersive loyalty programs & marketing campaigns, has just received a big update! They require configuration in different places. Please check the product Reference Book for the details. 


Engage your members by setting KPIs and letting people see how they perform against others. Use rankings to keep your members excited about ongoing activities in your program. Publish scores for daily activities such as transactions, the number of points earned, and coupons used. Additionally, time-limited rankings ensure name rotation, allowing different members to reach the top of the leaderboard. You can set up and easily manage multiple rankings at the same time. Just remember, when the countdown is over... there can be only one winner!


It’s essential to make sure your campaigns aren’t abused. We strive to keep promo costs under control and limit opportunities to commit loyalty fraud – for example, through a maximum number of promo participations per member (how many times a promo can be triggered) or regulating the global number of points that can be issued. With our new release, you can also cap a single member’s points balance. When the limit is reached, no more points of a given type can be received. Preventing the system from issuing points for forbidden events is also available – and user-friendly. A complete tool to gain control over the number of points earned by members.

More custom attributes 

More of what our clients already love. Ensure you capture all the details needed from your customers during the enrollment process. More zero-party data from members translate into a more personalized experience. By using custom attributes (now up to 20), you can collect information specific only to your business, and use it later during the segmentation process.

More languages 

We are adding more language options to the user interface and member front-ends, allowing communication to make members feel even more at home. Simple as that.

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