Loyalty Marketing Cloud - June Releases (LMC 1.13)

We are thrilled to inform you that Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud, our end-to-end platform for building and managing immersive loyalty programs & marketing campaigns, has just received a big update! The latest version (1.13.) brings a lot of brand-new features – and a number of significant enhancements to the existing functionalities – that will allow users to greatly improve their customer engagement strategies. 

Read through this content to learn about the new upgrades in detail.

Ignore Permission for Communication

Marketing permission settings are a valuable measure to address consumers’ online privacy concerns. However, in specific cases, an override feature might come in handy. From now on, privileged users will be able to overrule members’ communication preferences to send an urgent message concerning customer security – even if they have not given online marketing permission.

Tiers as Promotion Conditions

As customers progress through a program's tier scheme, they should see how it translates into new benefits, for example by having access to special, status-related offers. Higher levels provide better benefits and more occasions to earn points and progress in the program hierarchy. Double points for Silvers only? Additional discount just for Golds? Now you are able to enhance the experience of your most valuable members by creating tier-exclusive loyalty promotions.

Redemption Fraud Prevention

Fraudulent behavior may occur during accrual and redemption processes. Therefore, it is crucial for a loyalty program operator to be able to set limits not only on how points can be earned, but also on how members can spend them. We’re equipping LMC platform with tools allowing just that.

Marketing Automation Reporting

It's an easy way to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and value generated by your campaigns. Our dashboards display key indicators of a marketing campaign in one place, and provide comprehensible insights into how well your strategies are working.

Don't Forget

We kindly remind you that LMC supports up to four versions of our robust API. The recommended API version is API v2. Please make sure you upgrade the currently used API version, as it won't be supported and some of your loyalty program processes may not work properly:API V1.4 - Mon, 01 Aug 2022, 00:00:01 GMT
API V1.5 - Tue, 01 Nov 2022, 00:00:01 GMT

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