Introducing Comarch Loyalty Cloud 1.2.

We are excited to inform you that Comarch Loyalty Cloud (CLC), our robust yet affordable cloud-based platform for designing, running, and managing immersive loyalty programs, has recently been updated!

The new version (1.2.) features brand-new functionalities, as well as a few system enhancements, that will help CLC operators build more engaging loyalty programs and, ultimately, drive customer loyalty more effectively. Scroll through this space to learn more about the new upgrades.

Assigning payment methods to promotions

CLC now includes a feature that allows a promotion to be dependent on the payment method (f.ex. credit card, debit card, cash, etc.) While creating a promotion, the payment method field will be available in the Promotion Condition Wizard. When applied, the system will pass payment methods for sales and generic events transaction types.

Defining restricted products in promotions

The new CLC enables operators to mark a product with a “restricted flag,” which means that such a product (f.ex. cigarettes or alcohol) cannot be part of a given promotion. In other words, if turned on, the system will exclude all restricted products (even if those products match the promotion rules or they are “in the basket”) from the promotion. Therefore, it will only be possible to define actions based on products that are not marked as ‘restricted,’ which significantly reduces the possibility of making mistakes.

Creating custom member attributes

The system supports an extensive list of the so-called “predefined attributes of loyalty program participants” (f.ex. gender, address). Those attributes can be used for building customer profiles. However, it can happen that all of this data is not enough. In such a case, the operator can create custom member attributes. Those can include:

  • Value type (mandatory) [possible: Date, Datetime, Text, or Number]
  • Allowed value (no values or list of defined values)

Additionally, when using custom member attributes, it is also possible to define the following attribute features:

  • Editability – whether it can be edited by customers
  • Availability – whether it is visible or hidden from the customer in the enrollment process (and in their member profile)
  • Obligation – whether it is mandatory or optional in the enrollment process

Configuration of attributes related to both enrollment and profile forms

From now on, CLC operators can independently configure the registration form for their loyalty programs, including the sections for collecting required formal consents and loyalty program member attributes. Thus, when a given attribute is assigned to the enrollment process/profile form, the operator can decide whether a particular attribute is mandatory or optional. (Mandatory means that the registration process cannot be completed until the customer provides the required information).

CLC also enables dynamic configuration of attributes, related to both the enrollment process and profile forms, via the following channels:

  • API (including Mobile Application)
  • Customer Care Panel

Capturing purchases through product scan

Thanks to a new CLC Mobile Application feature, transaction data still can be registered in the system even if it cannot be collected from a given transaction system (POS). When the right system parameter is switched on, the mobile app operator will gain single-click access to the transaction registration wizard.

This option allows one to add products automatically by scanning their product codes (f.ex. EAN codes). Once the member adds a given product, the mobile app will verify its code using data stored in the existing CLC products catalog.

What is more, CLC operators can use additional system parameters. When using this option, a loyalty program member must confirm the transaction by:

  • Providing the invoice number
  • Providing a required transaction file (invoice scan, receipt)

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