Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud 1.5. is Live!

We are thrilled to inform you that Comarch Loyalty Marketing Cloud, our end-to-end platform for building and managing immersive loyalty programs & marketing campaigns, has just received a big update! The latest version (1.5.) brings a lot of brand-new features – and a number of significant enhancements to the existing functionalities – that will allow users to greatly improve their customer engagement strategies. 

Read through this content to learn about the new upgrades in detail.

1. Loyalty Management

  • Enhance communication with SMS messaging – increase your reach thanks to a new communication channel!
  • Turn your satisfied customers into your brand ambassadors using the “Member Gets Member” functionality (both new and existing members can be rewarded under various conditions).
  • Make use of the newly introduced segmentation features to deliver personalized offers to the right customer group at the right time and place:
    • Up-to-date CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) Scoring
    • AI-powered CLV trend prediction 
  • Create stronger customer relationships special-occasion-oriented (e.g., birthday, enrollment) bonuses
  • Stay in control of spending patterns with the new points expiry options (including custom timespans and expiration on-demand)

2. Marketing Automation

  • Save time and effort with new pre-defined campaign journey templates – highly practical (e.g., reactivation campaign) and easily adjustable to your business needs.
  • Save more space for relevant marketing content with short URLs.
  • Boost your auditing and security standards with “Audit Trial” functionality that records every detail on what, when, and by whom was changed in the system.

3. Data Analytics 

  • Get even more insights from 11 brand-new reports and dashboards – all focused specifically on the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 
  • Benefit from improved data analyses thanks to various upgrades made to the already existing dashboards and reports, such as:
    • Enhanced metrics
    • Clear segments descriptions translating statistics into business-friendly explanations
  • Dive deeper into customer behavior using AI and the new auto-segmentation features (now applicable on a product level, e.g., analysis of the most purchased products in a given segment).

4. Mobile App

  • Increase engagement of your customers by using various gamification techniques (progress trackers for promotions and recognitions).
  • Get a preview of “Member Gets Member” opportunities to find out about potential extra benefits.
  • Monitor ongoing “Member Gets Member” processes (or browse historical enrollments carried out with your invitation key).
  • Help your members stay up-to-date thanks to optional auto-reminders about the latest upgrades.
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