[Video] How to Boost Customer Engagement in Fashion?

Fashion retail is one of the most competitive industries out there. With new brands and trends emerging at every corner, keeping customers interested is more challenging than ever. Reward points and discounts are no longer enough to build true loyalty – to stand out from the crowd, a brand has to find the right balance between the need for fast fashion, environmental concerns, and a seamless in-and-out-of-store shopping experience. 

Sounds complicated? Luckily, there are tools to make it much easier! Our Loyalty Marketing Platform for fashion retail is THE solution for driving genuine engagement in the clothing industry. Designed to create and manage AI-powered loyalty programs, it’s responsible for a +54 increase in customer lifetime value and +49 visit frequency. With innovative features like geo-targeting, personalized offers, gamification, and behavior-based communications, our platform takes shopping to a whole new level and encourages your customers to reach for that cart again and again!

Want to know more? Watch the video below to learn:

☑️ What are the benefits of implementing the Comarch Loyalty Marketing Platform in your fashion brand?

☑️ How can social engagement and experiential rewards lead to +40 campaign conversions?

☑️ How can our technology help you create an immersive shopping experience?

☑️ How does our Loyalty Marketing Platform help deliver personalized CXs across multiple touchpoints?

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