Planning engaging loyalty program messaging

As the ways brands can connect with customers grow, so do customer expectations. It is no longer enough to offer customers a loyalty program that is based solely on transactional points. To gain consumers’ attention, brands must strive to understand their motivations and behaviors to deliver highly customized experiences that engage customers beyond the transaction.

Most companies currently have some form of a loyalty program; however, they can become outdated very quickly. Brands must constantly implement new functionalities to maintain their competitive edge. Modern technology allows brands to focus on the importance of a customer-centric strategy by giving them the ability to deliver relevant and timely messages. Blogs, newsfeed, and newsletters are powerful content marketing tools, but people are less likely to interact with companies that want to sell something to them. Relevant content plays a crucial role in building customer loyalty strategies, and well-designed messages make customers stop and take notice. Below, you will find a few tips on what and how to communicate to your loyalty program audience.

With email marketing, companies have the opportunity to engage customers frequently. Loyalty program operators use newsletters to communicate account status changes and points balance.  Along with these, you can effectively use this channel during onboarding campaigns (such as a welcome email) or to send targeted offers such as promotions, bonus points, and discount coupons. You should also create anniversary and birthday emails - it’s a great way to remind customers about their membership.

The mobile app and member portal newsfeed are powerful communication tools since they are the first things members see when they log in. You can display the latest news or program updates such as upcoming promotions, available surveys, anniversaries, awards received, and much more. The app’s newsfeed may contain customized messages, event notices, and exclusive shopping offers. It may also be used as a mobile wallet.

By integrating a customer-centric strategy into the loyalty program, the brand can keep customers involved with their brand and gain valuable customer data that can be integrated into a cross-channel marketing program.

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