Mature Loyalty Program – Improvements

During the maturity phase of a loyalty program, customers start to become less sensitive to the program's value proposition so interest begins to flatten. When growth begins to stagnate, it's time to evaluate and optimize the program and look for new trends and technologies to replicate its success and bring even more value to your members.

Convenience is one of the core pillars of differentiating your loyalty program at this stage. If you are not able to bring additional value on your own, you should partner with others. There are many companies that may help you with redesigning your program. There’s always room for improvement in the design of the mobile app, automation of processes or making the bond with your customers more emotional.

Time is a luxury 
If it takes too long to register for your loyalty program and it’s difficult to redeem points, your churn rate may increase significantly. Look for simplicity and transparency in all areas related to your members. If you are not sure what to change, don’t hesitate to ask them. People are always eager to complain (especially if there is a chance they will be rewarded for it).

Mobile-first experience
Having convenience built into loyalty programs through mobile solutions can drive engagement. An app offers not only intuitive loyalty processes, but also more advantageous features for members. Mobile payments and wallets, recommendations and relevant offers will always be in their hand.

Omnichannel customer service
This gives the businesses the ability to talk to the right customers, in the right place, without sacrificing context along the way. So, whether a member uses Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email or SMS, the conversation is always relevant and brings value.

Social proof of loyalty
Social media plays a vital role in winning potential customers. It is also well known that social networking plays a crucial role in getting customers' loyalty to the business. The most valuable aspect lies in knowing your customers’ behavior towards your brand. All mentions, comments and reactions create social media sentiment. This is not only about numbers, but also attitude, emotions and opinions.

The key is to remember that there will always be better ways to improve your customer experience and program attractiveness. The faster you manage to adopt new trends, the more effective your loyalty program will be. 

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