Loyalty specialist - how to find the perfect person

Building customer loyalty towards your brand is the responsibility of the entire company, not only the marketing department. Excellent customer service, high-quality products and services, and a well-designed loyalty program are just a start. That’s why it’s crucial to get the right person to manage loyalty in your company, somebody who can disseminate a customer-centric approach to all areas and deliver deep insights and recommendations.

The loyalty program manager or loyalty specialist is responsible for program optimization and all member-related processes (acquisition, engagement, and retention), as well as data modelling, analysis and reporting of the program’s key performance indicators (KPIs). That means this position requires creativity and an analytical mindset. If you are looking for the perfect candidate, please take a moment to read our loyalty specialist description below.

First, look for someone with a background in marketing.  Your loyalty manager should have demonstrated an understanding of customer behavior. Whether this insight is intuitive or data-driven, it is probably the essential characteristic for loyalty program management success. 

Then, make sure your loyalty manager has analytical ability. This role doesn't require mathematical genius, but the ideal candidate should feel comfortable with data analysis. They will be able to examine large volumes of customer data, set relevant measurement plans and standards, and interpret data-rich reports as part of their everyday tasks.

Let's not forget that modern and robust loyalty programs are based on advanced technology, often supported by AI/ML and other technological innovations. So, the ideal candidate should not be afraid to work with them. Understanding the potential of systems, their architecture, and integration help create a better experience for members of the loyalty program.

Depending on the project, it may be one person who manages loyalty in your company. In other cases, the brand needs to build a team of experts. No matter which of these applies, the perfect person or people will have the right tools and mindset to take care of the ongoing development of the customer loyalty program, ensuring it delivers on the company's strategic objectives.

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