Loyalty Personality Quiz ft. Raffael Fappiano Neto

Why are customers loyal to your brand? Is it because of the rewards your program has to offer? Or maybe it’s due to shared values they find important? 

Depending on the reason, they probably fit a certain type of what we like to call “loyalty personality.” Emotional, traditional, or rational – there are a lot of ways to be loyal to a brand. 

This is exactly what we’ve been trying to discover with our new segment featuring Comarch and our partners’ CX experts. Each week, we ask them a series of questions regarding their loyalty program habits to establish what Loyalty Personality Type they can be assigned.

This week, our guest is Raffael Fappiano Neto – Project and Customer Loyalty Manager for Azul Airlines, one of Comarch’s loyalty clients.

What is his Loyalty Personality Type?

Watch the video below to find out.

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