Loyalty Personality Quiz ft. Mateboho Malope

Wrapping up the first season of our Loyalty Personality Quiz is Mateboho Malope – the Group Loyalty Executive at Vodacom. Curious to discover what kind of loyal customer she is?

Comarch’s Loyalty Personality Quiz is a weekly video challenge in which we ask our experts, partners, and consultants a series of loyalty-related questions. From simple ones – like how many loyalty programs are on your smartphone – to more serious ones, such as those concerning values, we tried to put together a questionnaire that will reveal our participants’ approach to loyalty programs. 

It was a great initiative that showed customer loyalty from a non-traditional perspective. As our final guest, we’ve invited Mateboho Malope – the Group Loyalty Executive at Vodacom. With such great experience in CX and marketing, we had no doubts she would have many interesting insights concerning customer loyalty.

Want to find out what they are?

Click on the video below to discover Mateboho’s Loyalty Personality Type!

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