Loyalty Personality Quiz ft. Jakub Socha

When it comes to customer loyalty, we often focus on what’s important to a brand. From benefits to particular solutions – it’s usually about why and how loyalty programs are made.

But what if we turned the tables and looked at loyalty from their participants’ perspective? What is their experience using loyalty programs? Which rewards do they like to collect? How many programs are they currently in?

No agenda, just pure curiosity!

It’s exactly with this thought in mind that we created our new entertainment section called “Loyalty Personality Quiz.” Each week, we invite a loyalty personality from our team or body of experts/partners to ask them a series of questions about their approach to loyalty programs.

This time, our participant is Jakub Socha – a Sales Director responsible for Africa and GCC markets at Comarch.

What is Jakub’s Loyalty Personality Quiz?

Watch the video below to find out!

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