Loyalty Personality Quiz ft. Iva Tomczyk

Customer loyalty can mean a lot of different things for different people. Some are loyal because of emotional connection, while others’ loyalty is more steeped in logic and reason.

And what is it for Comarch’s marketing experts?

This is what we’re discovering with our brand-new game, a Loyalty Personality Quiz featuring professionals from Comarch and our partner brands. Each week, we’re asking our participants a series of loyalty-related questions to find out what they value in loyalty programs the most. 

This week, the Loyalty Personality Quiz will be taken by Iva Tomczyk – Product Manager responsible for integrations with Shopify and Salesforce at Comarch.

How many loyalty programs is she a part of? Who does she think should be more loyal to whom – brand to customer or customer to brand? What does she believe to be better– immediate or gradable rewards?

Let’s find out! Watch the video below to discover Iva’s Loyalty Personality Type!

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