Gathering customer data

Loyalty programs are the perfect tools for gaining access to data about your customers. In turn, this information unlocks the ability to provide personalized experiences. The data you can obtain is related not only to customers but also to their behaviour. Some of the information is available just after customer registration (name, address, etc.), while other details, such as shopping patterns, can be learned by observing program members during their journey.

There are several ways in which data can flow down to you for further analysis:


Registration forms are the main source of personal and contact data such as
name, date of birth, and phone number.


This is a tool used if the program operator needs to ask members for additional
information or to review purchased products. Members can usually count on a small bonus
in points for participating.


Every purchase creates a bundle of important information. This relates not
only to purchase value, items, and time, but what’s even more interesting, about the loyalty
program member, their shopping basket and spending patterns.

Program activity 

This category of data is created just by the fact of membership of the
loyalty program. It reveals useful information regarding a given member’s activity, redeemed
rewards, and opted in promotions.

Gathering the data is the first step. It is the effective use of this information that creates wide
opportunities to gain a market advantage and develop a deeper relationship between the
company and customer.

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