Evaluating your loyalty program
Every loyalty program requires ongoing care and improvements. What are the crucial elements of day-to-day maintenance of the program? Continuous evaluation and maintaining engagement of members. To help you keep up with this constant monitoring and development of your program, we have compiled a list of specific areas to keep an eye on.


Monitor the circumstances.
To face current challenges, you must monitor your program regularly by using analytic tools and checking the KPIs. The market is ever-changing and understanding the current conditions, which vary based on your business model and industry, is necessary for making efficient adjustments.

React to threats.
With continuous monitoring, it is much easier to react to new threats. Even if unexpected situations arise, you can effortlessly solve them with the right strategy. It is always better to prevent an issue in advance than try to cure it after it does damage.

Take care of the data.
Implementing GDPR (and other data privacy regulations) may be challenging, however, it is necessary when you work with personal data. Customers are more and more aware of the importance of personal data protection, so as a program operator, you have to set the right processes to guarantee data safety.


Listen to feedback.
In this time of powerful technology and algorithms, loyalty program operators seem to forget about easy solutions like gathering feedback. Being open to constructive ideas from members is free and efficient, and it can bring the program many positive changes. It is a classic win-win situation.

Use emotions.
As the market trends show, emotional loyalty is as important as ever when it comes to marketing communication. It signals a deeper level of commitment to the brand because the emotional tie goes beyond economic incentives. Select your strategy according to the characteristics of your target group. Emotions can help customers perceive companies as more human.

Be socially and environmentally responsible.
Engaging in matters important to the loyalty program audience, such as charities and local happenings, builds trust and emotional bonds. The contribution should be substantial to the members and match their values.

If the operator evaluates the program and maintains the audience engagement on an appropriate level, the customer’s journey with the loyalty program will be positive and exciting.

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