Comarch Wins Award for Best Supplier Innovation at the 2020 Loyalty Awards: Loyalty Fraud Prevention

At this year’s Loyalty & Awards conference, Comarch took home the award for Best Innovation in the Supplier category. Each year, the conference brings together travel loyalty experts from airlines, hotels, suppliers and other companies to exchange insights on new trends, achievements and innovations in travel loyalty. The 16th edition took place February 24-26 in Vancouver.

The award for Best Innovation is presented to the supplier who has deployed a new innovation that has most meaningfully boosted sales, profitability, and effectiveness of loyalty programs throughout the past year. Comarch was chosen as the recipient of this award by a panel of experienced loyalty professionals who recognized the innovative nature of Comarch’s newly introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) functionalities used to prevent and detect loyalty fraud. As loyalty fraud continues to become a more complex and costly problem, loyalty programs must implement such mechanisms to combat fraudulent activity.

Loyalty Fraud

Comarch’s Loyalty Fraud Detection system incorporates the latest AI and ML techniques to easily identify non-typical patterns in program members’ behavior. The module guarantees that any newly detected behavior vastly different from the trained model will be detected and stopped before any damage can be done. Designed as a data-driven, proactive security measure, Loyalty Fraud Detection allows loyalty programs to reduce the risk of internal and external loyalty fraud, which may otherwise compromise customer loyalty operations; potentially causing customer churn, negative brand associations and financial setbacks.

“We were honored to receive this recognition from our industry peers and we are excited to continue delivering innovative, best-in-class loyalty solutions. We believe that developing and implementing an effective loyalty program and strategy is no longer just about providing the best rewards or the deepest engagement to customers - it’s about protecting members and the program while maintaining a seamless customer experience.”

said Piotr Kozlowski, VP of Consulting, Airline/Travel Loyalty at Comarch.

The Loyalty & Awards Conference is also a great opportunity to hear loyalty experts discuss new technology, trends, and innovation in travel loyalty. This year, some of the main topics addressed at the conference included:

  • The sustainability responsibility of loyalty programs
  • Preparing for changing customer expectations
  • The status of loyalty in the hospitality industry
  • Artificial Intelligence in loyalty programs

The Comarch team is excited to be a recipient of a Loyalty Award once again, and is looking forward to the 2021 edition of the event. For more information about the Loyalty & Awards conference, please click here.

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