Comarch will sponsor the 2010 Leadership in Retail and Consumer Products Forum that is taking place in New York City on September 16th. This event will focus on the best practices related to leadership and investment strategies resulting from the changing economic landscape of recent months.

This one day event is filled with valuable information coming from the most successful practitioners in the retail industry. A few of the topics that will be discussed include: the new rules of retail after the recession; mobile technology in customer acquisition, engagement and retention strategies; customer experience; and the partnership between a manufacturer and retailer. The organizers anticipate over 100 participants including, among others, CEO's and board members of public and private large and mid-sized retail and consumer products corporations as well as founders and senior managing partners of investment firms.

Comarch will introduce a panel discussion focused on customer experience and in particular on:
• How the "in store" experience influences the overall customer experience
• How associates and your human capital affect the customer experience
• Insights into the latest thinking on customer behavior, engagement and retention
• The impact and increasing relevance of technology to shoppers

The panelists are: John Fiske, Executive Vice President and Chief Store Officer, The Talbots, Inc. and Sherwin Socaransky, Vice President of Merchandising and Store Operations, New York & Company. The panel discussion will take place between 9:40am and 10:20am.

Aside from the panel discussion introduction, Comarch will present its loyalty suite - a set of 3 complementary products, focused on marketing and customer care:

Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM) is a comprehensive suite of business applications for managing both, simple and advanced loyalty programs. Thanks to its modular structure and its tailor-made architecture, CLM will help you implement the best loyalty programs to satisfy your customers and benefit your company.

Comarch Campaign Management (CCM) can help any company conducting marketing activities increase its effectiveness. The system supports a marketing department at every stage of advertising campaign creation and can automate the process of communication with customers. Campaign preparation, execution and analysis are possible within the system and included budgeting capabilities can provide a detailed view into marketing expenditures and allow for measuring efficiency. Built-in workflow and a wide-range of interfaces create a product which can integrate all the resources needed for preparing optimal marketing activities in a single application.

Comarch Smart Analytics (CSA) is an innovative solution based on data warehouse technology. Its main goal is to provide organized and lucid information that supports decision-making processes in the entire company. It is a very powerful tool in connection with a loyalty system - enabling the identification of customer behavior and trends.