What’s The “Next Big Thing” for Comarch in Terms of Customer Loyalty?

Łukasz Słoniewski tells all in the latest interview with Loyalty360

What makes loyalty programs attractive these days? What sets Comarch apart from its competitors in the market of loyalty service for medium-sized enterprises? What is different about Comarch’s approach to improving customer engagement? – Watch the latest Loyalty360 interview with Łukasz Słoniewski, Consulting Director at Comarch, to find these and many other questions answered.

During the interview, Łukasz gave new and exciting details concerning Comarch’s upcoming loyalty management technologies, including a few facts about the company’s cloud-based platform for designing and running immersive loyalty programs with zero effort and at a low cost.

Thus, if you want to know the direction in which we are headed loyalty-wise, make sure to watch the video attached below. Considering your interest in technologies for improving business efficiency, this is, most definitely, the material you need to see.


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