The Wise Marketer Group And Comarch Discuss Loyalty Marketing Trends for 2022 and More

Comarch, a global software house delivering customer engagement and marketing solutions, has released episode 6 of its vodcast, "Coffee with Comarch Loyalty". This time, Comarch's Head of Loyalty Strategy Consulting, Bindu Gupta, talks to Bill Hanifin, CEO of The Wise Marketer Group (WMG), who has been developing, implementing, and managing Customer Marketing strategies for well-recognized brands in multiple verticals over the past 20 years.

Tune in as they discuss such topics as personalization within brands, the holistic approach to marketing & loyalty, and the role of the supply chain. 

As this is our first episode in 2022, the natural question which emerges, is: what will happen this year in the field of loyalty marketing? What are the key trends that will change the current landscape?” – asked host Bindu Gupta.

The first trend reminds me of a New Year’s Eve resolution, one of those famous unfulfilled promises. We say: this year, we are going to use our data to personalize our offers, discounts and experiences. However, its seems that we don’t have that many market examples of businesses that do that really well. There is a way to go. This year we will see a big shift in a way companies are collecting and managing their customer data. It becomes even a bigger challenge – the third-party cookies are going aways, there is also a big focus on zero-party data, which means that all the data that we collect through digital marketing loyalty programs will become more and more important” – Bill Hanifin responded.

Want to hear more? Watch episode 6 on-demand now. Whether you're working from home or travelling to your office, "Coffee with Comarch Loyalty" will keep you up to speed on today's most loyalty and marketing trends. You can also subscribe to Comarch’s vodcast to stay updated as new episodes are released!

About Comarch

Founded in 1993, Comarch has over 25 years of experience in designing, implementing, and integrating IT solutions for enterprises in a variety of industries: airlines, travel companies, telecoms, financial institutions, as well as retail and consumer goods companies. Comarch's Loyalty & Marketing portfolio is an advanced set of solutions dedicated to marketing processes and activities, building loyalty, and maximizing engagement. Aside from best-in-class technology and product sets, Comarch also offers a full suite of managed services to guide customers throughout the entire loyalty program lifecycle. With thousands of successfully completed projects, 20 data center locations, and more than 6,500 employees in over 90 offices around the world, Comarch has the support and infrastructure necessary for high-volume rollouts.

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