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With the dynamic market changes that have emerged in the past three months, online shopping has undoubtedly overthrown in-store shopping and, at the same time, set the course for retail sales in the near future. A survey of 1 200 consumers, conducted in late March 2020 by Retail Systems Research, suggests that the shift to online shopping will continue as long as coronavirus remains a threat because 90% of consumers “were hesitant to shop in stores”. In response to the market expectations, CLM Member Portal and CLM Mobile App are going to introduce a set of major e-commerce changes in product and reward catalog, to enhance customer experience.

What improvements are going to be introduced?

  • Wishlist section – allowing customers to create personalized collections of products/rewards they want to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. Wishlist shows a customer’s interest in a product without an immediate intent to purchase and allows them to quickly share their personalized list with their friends or family. 
  • Different reward/product variants – choosing sizes, patterns of the same product/reward which enables the customer to fully customize each item within a few clicks and builds the positive feeling of having the product/reward tailored for them.
  • Changes in filtering and sorting – introducing categories such as: “new”, “bestsellers” and “special offers” to facilitate navigation on-page/in-app and at the same time check trending items and select customized offers.
  • Dynamic attributes that allow precise searching with customized customer criteria – describing each product/reward with dynamic attributes such as color, length, brand, occasion, style, body fit and so on, which makes the searching process easier, faster and clearer.
  • Improved reward ordering – tracking your product/reward order and checking details of your order wherever you are and whenever you want to in the “orders” section and also on the details of redemption transactions.
  • Reward sorting depending on tier – sorting rewards catalog per recognition tier assigned to the customer – different rewards available for gold, silver and bronze members.
  • Product/Reward recommendations – suggesting to the customer products/rewards that they might like in the product/reward details information, and also during the first step while completing the order. Recommendations will be based on an AI engine that would collect data about the products/rewards that are usually bought together and then suggest them to the customer.

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