Improve your customer service with AI-based CLM ChatBot

Nowadays, customer service is one of the key aspects of how a company or a brand is perceived by its customers. It requires quick and precise customer problem-solving in various fields as well as giving reliable answers to customers’ questions about products and services offered by the company. Many of these questions and problems are repetitive, which prompts organizations to automate the customer service process.

One of the latest trends in automating this process is the use of Chatbots – virtual assistants designed to simulate a conversation between humans by means of a text chat or voice commands.

How does CLM Chatbot work?

CLM Chatbot is a modern conversational chatbot based on NLU (Natural Language Understanding), which allows companies to determine a customer’s intention by capturing key contextual information from the text. Then, the system selects the best response or action based on the conversation history and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.


Before a chatbot is made available to clients, it is important to conduct chatbot training on the basis of relevant data, preferably from the existing customer service system, including historical chats with customers or the knowledge-base used by Call Center agents. This knowledge-base, once made available for the chatbot, can be constantly updated. Together with AI algorithms, it enables continuous learning so that the quality of chatbot operation improves significantly.

Main advantages of using CLM Chatbot for loyalty program operators

Chatbots are the most effective for customer service in industries with a large number of customer service requests, such as retail, travel, telecommunications, or financial services. An operator of loyalty programs should consider using a chatbot due to its undoubted advantages in improving customer service. For example:

  • It is available 24/7 so can help customers even in the middle of the night
  • Responses to questions are always the same, and improve with the Chatbot learning process
  • Answers are faster than those provided by agents, which saves the customers’ time
  • There are predefined loyalty scenarios based on Chatbot integration with CLM, such as:
    • Enrollment
    • Balance inquires
    • Points expiration forecast
  • CLM Chatbot can be exposed as a service in Comarch Cloud or installed on-premises
  • It is integrated with many channels ,such as CLM Member Portal, CLM Mobile App, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and it can be deployed on any website
  • It helps to significantly reduce the cost of operating a call center

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