ExxonMobil Cyprus Chooses Comarch Loyalty Marketing Platform

We’re happy to announce that ExxonMobil Cyprus, a subsidiary of an oil & gas major which has been providing high-quality fuels & lubricants in the Republic of Cyprus for more than 65 years, is to become the newest user of Comarch Loyalty Marketing Platform, our advanced AI-powered solution for driving customer engagement!

ExxonMobil Cyprus will implement and use a cloud-based version of our platform – designed specifically for fuel & convenience companies – to collect & analyze customer data, create personalized, immersive customer experiences and increase brand awareness across the country. 

Despite having all the IT tools that today’s marketers need to build customer loyalty effectively, the provided solution will also include additional services that are part of our standard offer, such as loyalty strategy & program mechanics development, platform configuration, and integration services. 

Our collaboration with ExxonMobil goes back to 2015 when we carried out our first loyalty project with the US branch of the company. With the use of our system – and the help of our program management support team –  not only has ExxonMobil US built an 8-million-member standalone program but has also become a benchmark for success in loyalty marketing. 

Now starting a new loyalty project in Europe, ExxonMobil will use both its experience and our loyalty management tools to make a mark in the Republic of Cyprus and provide its customers with a loyalty program that they will greatly enjoy.  

For more information about Comarch Loyalty Marketing Platform, please visit our official website

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