Comarch Loyalty Management 5.4 Released


The Comarch flagship solution Comarch Loyalty Management has been recently updated.

The newest version, 5.4, released in September 2017 offers the following new features and enhancements: 

  • Customer individual balance – ability to present the point balance on a customer level which will make it possible for customers to leave a household with their points (currently when a Customer leaves a household they cannot get any points).
  • Improvements in customer data protection - introduction of customer data pseudonymizing on demand and automatically when the customer is not active for a while or claims as such.
  • Child accounts - enrollment of children including the legal guardian’s acceptance and the ability to link the guardian’s account with children’s.
  • Travel companions - store with a loyalty profile of customer data that can be used to pre-fill passenger details during flight bookings.
  • Nominate other customers for elite tiers - an additional benefit type for elite customers will be the option to nominate other customers to be upgraded for a certain tier, for example a ‘Platinum’ customer can nominate another loyalty program member to be upgraded to ‘Gold’.
  • Online PAI retro - PAI Hub has introduced the ability to request retro claim verification via web services for immediate response. This functionality is to be implemented in the CLM acting both as FFP airline and operating airline.


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