Comarch at Truth's Customer Academy in Johannesburg

This week (22-23 May), Comarch participated in Truth's Customer Academy, a 2-day masterclass event dedicated to empowering professionals with the latest knowledge and strategies in customer loyalty. As a platinum sponsor, Comarch actively contributed to the event's success, creating valuable connections and sharing industry expertise.

About Truth’s Customer Academy

Truth, a leader in consumer loyalty education founded by Amanda Cromhout, hosted its Customer Academy event in Johannesburg. The event attracted a diverse group of attendees eager to elevate their customer loyalty programs. All participants were awarded a Customer Academy Diploma in Loyalty (CADipL).

How do You Choose the Best Loyalty Solution Vendor?

A highlight of the event was a conversation panel co-led by Wojciech Kempny, Comarch's Loyalty Consulting Director, and Amanda Cromhout, Truth's CEO. The session focused on guiding companies through the critical process of selecting an IT loyalty provider. Their discussion explored key considerations companies should make when choosing a vendor, ensuring the chosen partner aligns perfectly with their strategic goals.

The panelists offered a unique perspective, combining Comarch's experience as an IT loyalty provider with Truth's expertise in customer loyalty strategy. This valuable session provided insights into both sides of the equation, highlighting what companies should look for in a vendor and, conversely, what Comarch observes as common pitfalls in companies seeking to implement efficient loyalty programs.

By identifying these missing elements, attendees gained valuable insights into preparing their organizations for successful loyalty program implementation.

Beyond knowledge sharing, Truth's Customer Academy fostered a strong sense of community. Networking opportunities allowed participants to connect with fellow professionals and industry leaders, building valuable relationships that can lead to future collaborations.

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